Programme Details

Track 1: Open Learning and Online Learning

Chair: Dr. T. L. WONG
Venue: Room 303
Time: July 2 (Thu) 4:00pm -- 6:00pm

Factors affecting college students to accept and use MOOC: A structural equation model approach
Peng Xu, Yanhua Liu and Yining Wang
Do Massive Open Online Courses Offer a Viable Solution for Essential Problems in Higher Education?
Ali Simsek
Analysis and Comparison on China National Quality Courses of Educational Technology
Wu Chen and Yan-Fei Tian
Mining the Big Data in MOOC
Tak-Lam Wong and Haoran Xie
An Attempt to a Reconstruction of HSK Sino-English Dictionary: A search for Self-Study of Mandarin Chinese
Ching Hin Tsoi, Chiu Tuen Chow and David Wai Kee Chu

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Track 2: Blended Learning in Practice

Chair: Ms. Helen LAM
Venue: Room 301
Time: July 3 (Fri) 10:30am -- 12:30pm

Blended Learning: A Case Study of Korean Language Course
Edwin Chan, Norris Lau, Jimmy Yau and Shirley Huang
Benefits and Problems of Utilizing COCA: Japanese Perspectives
Yoko Hirata and Yoshihiro Hirata
Implementing a Flipped Teaching Approach in a Japanese Graduate Research Course
Yoshihiro Hirata and Yoko Hirata
Study of Project-based Blended learning in Professional English Course
Pengjun Yao, Jie Cheng, Ye You, Ying Zhao, Shitong Zhang and Tianbao Zhuang
A Meta-analysis on Effects of Blended Learning in Korea
Innwoo Park, Eunkyung Moon and Hoilim Kwon
Electronic Chinese Learning Materials for Ethnic Minority Students
Yee Man Tsoi

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Track 3: Learning Platforms and Advising Systems

Chair: Dr. W.S. HO
Venue: Room 303
Time: July 3 (Fri) 10:30am -- 12:30pm

Evaluating the Profile Accuracy for Second Language Learners
Di Zou, Haoran Xie, Fu Lee Wang, Tak-Lam Wong, Chung Keung Poon and Wai-Shing Ho
Automatic Grading of Short Literal Comprehension Questions
Andrew Kwok-Fai Lui, Lap-Kei Lee and Hiu-Wai Lau
An Experience Sharing on e-Learning platform upgrade
Janny C.C. Ng, Sze-Wing Leung, Dickson T.S. Chan, Hades C.F. Tam, Benz C.L. Sze and Ray K.C. Wong
Use of Instant Messaging Communication in Tutoring Undergraduate Students
Francis Yue
Applying the Semantic Graph Approach to Automatic Essay Scoring
Chak Shing Lo, Oliver Au and Bruce Kwong Bun Tong
A Teachers' Survey on the Effectiveness of e-Learning Platform in a Higher Education Institution
Wai-Shing Ho, Anna Hoi-Nga Ng, Kat Sze-Ming Leung, Fu Lee Wang and Leung-Pun Wong

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Track 4: Mobile Learning and Ubiquitous Learning

Chair: Dr. Simon CHEUNG
Venue: Room 303
Time: July 3 (Fri) 3:30pm -- 5:30pm

A Lightweight Ubiquitous E-learning Application
Chor Yi Leung, Chun Kit Lam, Yuen Kwan Chan and Jeff K.T. Tang
A Novel Mobile Application for Training Tacit Presentation Delivery Skills
Andrew Kwok-Fai Lui, Sin-Chun Ng and Wing-Wa Wong
Wearables in Education: Expectations and Disappointments
Daniyar Sapargaliyev
Students' Typical Usage of Mobile Devices in Learning Activities
K.S. Cheung
FluteKit - A Mobile Learning Application for Beginners to Train Rhythmic Skills and Learn Flute Fundamentals
Sin Chun Ng, Andrew Lui and Cheuk Hei Cheng
Easy-to-Learn Piano: A Mobile Application for Learning Basic Music Theory and Piano Skill
Vanessa Ng, Andrew Kwok-Fai Lui and Alvin Chun-Hei Kwok

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Track 5: Institutional Strategies, Policies and Practices

Chair: Mr. Radar CHAN
Venue: Room 301
Time: July 4 (Sat) 9:00am -- 11:00am

Simulation in Transition: Educational strategy entails Nursing Curriculum
Alice Li
The Analysis of the Application of Cloud Computing in the field of Basic Education
Xiaoling Wang
Service Innovation in Education: The Change of e-learning Service Model
Radar Chan, Patrick Hung, Tyrone Chan and Chris Wong
The Impact of Availability of E-Resources on Part Time Teachers' Job Satisfaction in Hong Kong Self-Finance Institutions
Kwan Keung Ng, Ching Hong Luk and Wai Ming Lam
Applying Learning Analytics in Education Research: A Review of Relevant Studies
Kam Cheong Li, Hoi Kuan Lam and Sylvia Siu-Yin Lam
Towards Adoption of Open Textbooks: School Teachers' Readiness and Expectation
Billy T.M. Wong, Kam Cheong Li and Joly W.S. Wu

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Track 6: Computer Support Collaborative Learning

Chair: Dr. Steven NG
Venue: Room 303
Time: July 4 (Sat) 9:00am -- 11:00am

Unpacking the Digital Backpack for the Adult Learner - A Universal Design for Learning Approach
Sylvia Chong
A Study on Design of Digital Textbooks for Chinese Language Course in Primary School
Tianbao Zhuang and Shuang Wang
A Preliminary Study on Students' Perception and Practice on Using On-Line Dictionary for Third Language Learning - A Case Study of Elementary Written German Acquisition
David Wai Kee Chu, Kwan Keung Ng and Ivan K.W. Lai
Junior Middle School Chinese Composition Teaching Mode Based On The Wiki
Chunying Zhu, Tianqi Lan and Yonghe Zhang
The Motivational and Ethical Impacts on Learning via Social Media of Post-Secondary Students
Ho-Nam Yau, Shue-Fung Wong, Sin-Ki Wong and Jeff K.T. Tang
The Nature of Underlying Influences for Social Interaction between Student Genders when Using IT in Statistics Learning
Ken W. Li

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