My Learning Companion with Windows and Office

July 2 (Thursday) 16:00

Mr. Eric Yu

Education Marketing Manager, Microsoft


e-Learning has been a very hot topic among educators and researchers nowadays. Both educators and students need to strengthen their skills through e-Learning and enhance their 21st learning skills such as collaboration, communication and self-directed learning for higher competitiveness and productivity. Windows tablet with Office is the best tool for doing so. This session will explore how Windows tablet can be used inside and outside classroom, how Office has reshaped e-Learning through cloud technology and how Microsoft can increase work productivity as a whole.

Technology and Pedagogy of iClass interactive mobile learning platform and Mobile Device Management (MDM)

July 3 (Friday) 3:30pm

Dr. Wilton Fok

Director, e-Learning Development Lab, HKU

Mr. Karl Cheung

e-Learning consultant, e-Learning Development Lab, HKU


This workshop will train participants how to use an interactive mobile learning platform and Mobile Device Management (MDM) called iClass developed at the University of Hong Kong. Such systems could facilitate real-time interactive class discussion through drawing, keywords, e-book and multimedia via a cloud network. The MDM solution can provide a full control for teacher to monitor and control the tablet PCs and mobile devices in a class so that the devices could be directed to any particular apps or activities, or disable from certain function, or centralised management of apps installation or deletion. These solutions are deployed in schools and universities in HK, Mainland China and Singapore.